Retort-Packed curry, added green vegetables

Lunch today.


I have to dispose this retort-packed curry, it was kept for a state of emergency. It’s coming soon the best before date.

But, only this,  it’s not tasty enough. So,  my nutritionist(wife) added some vegetables.

Str-fry dice cut bell peppers, onions and broccolis with garlic oil.  And light stew with retort-paced curry.  She says.


Its looks and nourishment are upgraded with a lot of veges.  And veges are still crunchy,  because of a short stew time.  This is a good way for a light meal. It’s also good for camping!  She says.


Consomme soup with crown daisy and carrots. She added just black pepper for seasoning, because consomme is  enough salty.  This is a good low solt menu.


Finshed!  She changed a retort curry to a rich vegetable curry!  I was surprised with a good skill of  nutritionist.


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