Tour du Mont Blanc Day2 First difficulty – Mountain route across the Bonhomme Pass

Tour du Mont Blanc trip, day2.

I will return to the main route from the Tre la Tete hut and aim at the Bonhomme Pass.


Uphill to the Pass and Balme Hut



Take a snack at the Balme hut on the way. It is a simple sandwich of thick ham and cheese.


I found a signboard showing that it is a course of Tour du Mont Blanc on the fence of the hut. I am excited about the longing TMB.


Go through the meadow and look back on the La Contamines direction from the hillside. I have climbed a lot.

Bonnom Pass: Col du Bonhomme

From a warm hearted pasture, it turned into a wild mountain landscape.


I see Snow on the mountain. There is a tough climb ahead of Bonhomme Pass.


I arrived at Altitude 2329 m Bonhomme Pass (Col du Bonhomme). It is exactly the shape of Col = saddle. The vicinity of the evacuation hut in the center of the picture is windy and comfortable cool, and the view on the Italian side is also good.There were many groups eating lunch here. But I aim for the next hut, because I didn’t have food.





Lunch in Bonhomme hut

I arrived at a mountain hut at Bonhomme on the steep mountain route at 2443 m altitude.


I can not read the French menu notation ,,, Order a safer food pasta.


Big carbonara! It was nice to have a proper meal even in such a rugged place.

Beer after the tough climbing, delicious!


There was an older hiker next table. He are walking from the Swiss side.When he saw pasta I was eating, “I will order it because it looks delicious!”, He ate meals much .

20130902-tmb-day2-26 20130902-tmb-day2-27

TMB hikers take a rest at a mountain hut on the way and aim for the next destination respectively.


Col des Fours: The highest point of TMB

Climb further from the Bonhomme hut and cross the Fours Pass to a variation route aiming at the mountain hut of Motte. Be careful as the season when the snow will remain is dangerous. If I got off main route  to Chapieux village, the long road section seemed not to be interesting and it seemed that the distance between the next day to be longer. (starts from Chapieux)  These are reason I chose this variation route. The scenery seems to be better.

20130902-tmb-day2-29 20130902-tmb-day2-31

I arrive at the highest point  of TMB, 2685 meters high, Col des Fours. It is my first meeting with Mont Blanc (maybe) that shines white.


Encounter with ibex and cattle, and descending

to Motte hut

While watching the scenery of the beautiful Italian side, I will go down to the mountain hut of Motte.

20130902-tmb-day2-34 20130902-tmb-day2-35

Because the hikers came to be less after noon, many wild ibexes came out!


Even if it goes on, it is full of superb views. I go slow with taking a picture. I forgot the word of the guide book that “the distance becomes longer of this variation route”.


I can not see the mountain hut of the destination at all ,,, . At this point, it was past 16 o’clock, so I took so much time that I can not find the hikers that will follow … ,,

I only see cows and glaciers ,,,


Today’s Accommodation: Refuge des Mottets

Finally arrived at the mountain hut of Motte, today’s accommodation past 18 o’clock.


The evening meal of the hut begins at 18 o’clock so I’m completely late. (There are not many hikers such tough walking schedule like me,  Western hikers have arrived in the accommodation area early in the afternoon and take elegant time.)

20130902-tmb-day2-41 20130902-tmb-day2-42

After the shower and entering the dining hall, it is a big crowd with a little drunk  hikers.


I was late for dinner at the time ,,, although hikers usually serve from the plate but I eat it separately. The appetizers seems like stew.

20130902-tmb-day2-48 20130902-tmb-day2-49

Bread and rice and something stewed in meat. I do not know what meat but it is delicious!

20130902-tmb-day2-50 20130902-tmb-day2-51

Homemade cheese and pudding for dessert. The meal of this mountain hut is also very good! Originally this Motte hut was a ranch. I saw many atmosphere decorations.


It is a real cowbell. In a brass band, I had seen them struck with a wooden stick ,,,


The bedroom which refurbished the barn. This is a sleeping style for a large number of hikers. In this trip I thought that here was the simplest ,,, but I am exhausted by walking day and sleeping in no time. I did not mind being surrounded.

The 2nd day of the Tour du Mont Blanc is over.

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