Tour du Mont Blanc Day1 Direct from Airport to the trail ,,, Route out immediately

Tour du Mont Blanc Through Hike Day 1. It is a leg from arrival at Geneva airport to entering the trail.

Go straight from the airport to the trail and shorten the stroke

In general, I think that hikers will stay  in the starting town of Chamonix and enter the Tour de Mont Blanc, but for the short vacation backpacker I will not drop in to Chamonix due to the shortening of the schedule and the village of the starting point directly from the airport I will head to Les Contamines.

I arrived at Geneva airport at 10:45.

From the airport to the Le Fayet station at the regular minibus departing 11:30. It was 26 euros then at the Alpy Bus .(There seems to be several companies.) You can make a reservation online. I was able to get off in the middle of the bus for Chamonix.

From the bus window, I first met with “white mountain” Mont Blanc. It is mountain which seems to be fluffy.

20130901-TMB Day1-01

I arrived at Le Fayet around 12:30.

20130901-TMB Day1-02

I could not find a taxi in front of the station, so I went to Les Contamines by bus.I could go to the vicinity of the campground in front of the trail entrance.

Departure point Notre-Dame de la Gorge

Notre-Dame du la Gorge’s chapel. From here, I’ll enter the mountain route. Finally, my Tour du Mont Blanc through-hiking is starting!

20130901-TMB Day1-03

The mountain hut on the main route will continue with the Nant Borrant hut first, then the Balme hut, but because they were crowded during the high season, I could not make a reservation, so we went up a little mountain side from Nant Borrant hut I will head to theTre-la-Tete hut. TMB is safe because the information sign is properly attached.

20130901-TMB Day1-04

It has deviated much from the main route ,,,

20130901-TMB Day1-05

20130901-TMB Day1-06

20130901-TMB Day1-08

The Tre-la-Tete hut is now visible.

Today’s Inn: Tre-la-Tete Hut

20130901-TMB Day1-11

20130901-TMB Day1-12

A location overlooking the Le Contamines village. It is located at the entrance of the “Tre-la-Tete Glacier” with the same name as the hut and it seems to be the base of glacier climbers.

20130901-TMB Day1-10

20130901-TMB Day1-13

The meal of the mountain hut is an simple course.

Spicy soup with fragrant cheese.

20130901-TMB Day1-14

This is the main dish , stewed poultry with tomato, with pasta.

20130901-TMB Day1-15 20130901-TMB Day1-16

Dessert is chocolate Bavarian.

20130901-TMB Day1-17

Because it is a style that serve yourself from the platter each table, it will be a good opportunity for interaction between hikers. I talked with TMB Hiker from Spain they also could not reserve a mountain hut on the main route like me. We found the same as the accommodation destination tomorrow.

20130901-TMB Day1-19

Bedding is two rows side by side. Space was enough.

The next morning, I saw the dawn of valley.

20130901-TMB Day1-18

20130901-TMB Day1-20

Let me start now to the main route of TMB!  From here it is TMB!

The first day’s journey
TMB Day1 route

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