Tour du Mont Blanc Day5 Great view Gran Col Feret and Swiss house like flower garden

Tour du Mont Blanc a trip,  day5.

Once descended to the bottom of Feret valley from the Bonatti hut and climbed again. I will cross the Grand Col Ferret Pass that the finale of the Italian part and enter the Swiss part.

A wonderful morning glow of Rifugio Bonatti

Morning glow of Mont Blanc (back) and Grand Joras (front) seen from the Bonatti hut.


It is cold like winter in the morning, even though it is early September. However, looking at such a scene with morning coffee is a bliss for hikers. To the bottom of Val Ferret is in morning mist and it is very fantastic.


Rifugio Bonnati, hospitality and scenery were wonderful mountain huts. Commemorative photograph with the staff of the hut is start of the day5.


Rifugio Elena Mountain hut surrounded by rocky mountains

Let’s leave the Bonatti hut and go on in a superb view that is not over yet.



A huge rocky mountain is close up and it is very powerful.



Scenery from the Ferre Valley early in the morning to the Seigne Pass direction.


Once I get off to the village of the valley floor, I climb the slope again to the Grand Col Ferret.20130905-tmb-day5-13




Arrived at Rifugio Elena. It is a stone-built building.20130905-tmb-day5-17

Take a break in the space like a viewing stand near the hut.


Commemorative photo with hikers who were nearby. A tough couple walking with tent and the British hikers who was drinking alcohol in the Bonatti hut. And a solo Japanese. We are on the same route at the same time, that is already friend.20130905-tmb-day5-16

I will further climb from the Elena hut.


Grand Col Ferret  Refreshing scenery decorating the last part of Italian part

The pass which separates the Italian part and the Swiss part, Grand Col Ferret has come into view.


The rocky mountain next to me was even closer. The Italian part is finally close at last.20130905-tmb-day5-20

The sudden climb continues, it’s tough for hikers .


I will climb toward the clouds.20130905-tmb-day5-22


Finally I arrived at the pass. Clouds are near!20130905-tmb-day5-26

Glaciers are also near! It is the eastern end of the Mont Blanc mountain range.


It is a great lunch point. The wind that goes through the pass heals hikers who are tired from the sharp rush.



「Among the highlights of this stage will undoubtedly be the view from the col looking back along the length of the Vals Ferret and Veni to the distant Col de la Seigne」(Guide book: Tour f Mont Blanc Complete two-way trekking guideより)


British gentlemen who take off T – shirts and start taking a nap, in a superb scenery. People in Europe are well acquainted with how to enjoy trails. Meanwhile, because Japan’s short holidays are concerned about the bus time, I will hurry ahead of time.

“Even if it does not achieve one tour, there is no pleasure to come to TMB!” I thought , but compared with them, I felt like I waste. There is a lot of scenery that is too wasteful to get past with a quick pace on Tour de Mont Blanc.


Beginning of the Swiss part is a pasture area, wary of cow

Beyond the border, enter the Swiss part. It is quite different from the mountain scenery of the Italian part, a soft landscape. I will pass through the leisure pastures area.



Is the trail running through the ranch? I go aside cows eating grass.20130905-tmb-day5-35

Cow, cow, cow,,,The sound of cow bell is echoing from various directions.

Hikers are strangers here. Cows are too close to the trail and I felt afraid. There is a horn, so if cow got angry, it’s risky …, I will breathe in and quietly pass.


The road was completely blocked ,,, Hikers are also frighteningly frustrating for this. Wait until it passes by, or we only have to bypass.


While being stared by the cows, we are going through with the awkwardness.


Cottage in pasture Alpage de la Peule

As I got off for a while, the cottage called Alpage de la Peule came into sight.

Speaking of Switzerland, I am looking forward to dairy products and white wine. As this cottage seems to have homemade cheese, I wanted to eat lunch here.



However, as I had so much enjoyed the scenery so far, the bus time was approaching so I could not say that it was relaxing lunch, … I ordered a sandwich that I could do early.

Simple over sandwich of cheese alone. After all the cheese is rich and delicious. It will match white wine.


Wood chips are laid on the way in front of the hut and it is a very comfortable atmosphere. I would like to take a rest like relaxing like other hikers, but … a Japanese hiker without time hurries ahead.20130905-tmb-day5-43


Shortcut by bus and train from La Fouly village to Trient village

Further down from the cottage, to the village of La Fouly.



The Swiss houses with cute flowers.


One day’s journey ends in La Fouly village, and staying is the basic route. However, because I did not have enough days for walking around the entire course of TMB, I decided to shortcut by transferring bus ~ train ~ bus to Trient village two days ahead from here on foot It is.

Sorry it was a fun route from La Fouly to Champex Lake through the cute Swiss villages and the mountain route of Chanpex ~ Trient.

Transport in Switzerland was relieved because it was possible to search by bus and bus connecting train and time. However, the train is anxious because there are few announcements at the station. I got a nearby passenger to tell me the get off station.


Although I do not know the name, I go to the city area and run a mountain path and take a living bus to Trient. On the slope is a vineyard.



Today’s inn: Auberge du Mont Blanc

The connection has progressed very smoothly and I arrived at Trient’s inn, while it was daytime. It is Auberge du Mont Blanc.

There are guests other than hikers because the road is nearby and people can come by car. It looks like a hotel and it is fine, but the facilities in the dormitory were simple.


Part of the dining room is glassy and you can see the scenery outside even when it is cold.


Meals are spicy soup and Swiss specialties (?) Cheese fondue. We shared bottles of white wine and people of the same table. The label is cute.

20130905-tmb-day5-52 20130905-tmb-day5-53

20130905-tmb-day5-54 20130905-tmb-day5-55



Tour du Mont Blanc 5th day, it’s over.


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