The best long trail “Tour du Mont Blanc” which goes round the famous peak Mont Blanc of the European Alps crossing the three countries of France, Italy and Switzerland. Many hikers come from around the world to walk this world famous route.

I think that exchanging for the only chance a lifetime with such hikers in the world is one of the pleasures of walking TMB.

This time, we received a report from Ms. N who asked about Tour du Mont Blanc the fact that she actually walked.

When you tell the splendor of the scenery, everyone has a really nice face

“Thank you for your help. 
I’m N,  I have asked about Tour du Mont Blanc before 
Thanks to you I was able to walk safely. 
Thank you for your report and thank you for your email. The reservation of the huts was more difficult than I thought, but I managed to make a reservation before departure. 
In the mountain hut, I talked with hikers from all over the world and shared the emotions of the scenery, I could have time to heal my heart. 
When we talk about the splendor of the scenery, I was touched by everyone ‘s faces to make a really nice face. The Swedish man who was third time hiker of TMB told me that every time were interesting because the scenery is different each time such as the amount of snow and the amount of river water 
I definitely want to walk again. 
And I would like to walk more and more various places. 
This time will be very indebted to your Blog “”, I had the courage, had been helped. I’m really thankful to you. 
In addition, I’ll ask you also if I have able to have such an opportunity to walk the Tyrol. “

Ms. N, Thank you for your report!

I am glad that you were able to return safely from your solo trip, and you had a wonderful experience at Tour du Mont Blanc. I had the impression of such a nice story right after your trip, and I myself wanted to walk Tour du Mont Blanc furiously too. lol

Hikers coming from all over the world

Among my trip of  Tour du Mont Blanc, I had opportunities to meet and talk with hikers from around the world such as Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Luxembourg, England, Russia, Australia, Korea, China, Japan and so on.

“I talked with hikers from all over the world, and we shared the excitement of views with, we were able to have the time to be healed heart. When people talk about the beauty of the scenery, everyone become a really good expression on their face,  I was impressed also that.

That’s right. The impression when seeing the beautiful scenery is common throughout the country. And the time I was walking in the TMB scenery was as if the body and mind were cleaned up by the scenery and the air.

Basically, TMB’s hiker walks round along the course, so the topic is about each journey, the story of the scenery we saw on that day, the story of your country’s hiking spot, and so on.

Tomorrow’s accommodation is …

The weather for tomorrow is …

Here are the highlights of TMB ,,,

That scenery I saw today was amazing ,,,

Also, because the dinner of TMB’s mountain hut is served in the platter at the same table and guests pick out the dishes. So, conversation begins naturally.

Miraculously, hikers choose the same year, the same period, the same travel destination, and walking while seeing the same scenery. It is like a friend anymore if it is common in this way.

I listened to the music performances of the mountain hut staff, drank the wine shared with everyone at the same table, and I also walked solo like Ms.N, but there was no lonely night.

Fresh encounters and conversations are repeated with greetings like hello, Bonjour and Bonjorno not only in the mountain huts but also in the middle of the trail, at lunch in the mountain cabin, when stopping and taking pictures, etc. in various situations I will.

Ms. N also said like this in e-mail.

“Indeed, I have a peaceful and heart-warming interaction with hikers all over the world.
Also, everyone might be a master of “one meeting of life”.
In fact I met hikers casually for a while and I parted together well lightly. “

This is exactly what I felt!

I hang out with hikers casually and we will return to each journey.
I feel that there were lots of refreshing momentary meetings.

Even solo, it is not lonely. I think that is the trip of TMB.

Learn how to enjoy trails from the world’s hikers

I feel that I learned how to enjoy the trail trips from the behavior of the hikers who I met during the journey of TMB.

In the middle of the trail, British hikers who started a nap relaxing when finding scenic places. When I looked them, I felt stupid myself who was walking quickly with a tight schedule with a minimum goal to make a lap of TMB perfectly.

Tour du Mont Blanc

Every day on TMB’s journey is a series of wonderful sceneries. In such circumstances, seeing and seeking just only the sense of accomplishment of “1 lap” is a waste of anything.

I stoped at a place I liked, I looked back good scenery lot of time, I drunk beer at the mountain hut, while tasting the place where I am now,  “I wish I could go to where I could go. ”  From the way, I was walking in such a way of thinking.

The story of the trip is also different for each person

The variety and hikers are also diverse in their stories and thoughts.

The German couple who took me a picture at the Fours Pass at the highest point of TMB told me that the trail which is in the form of a tour (orbiting) like TMB, is rare in Europe too.

A senior hiker who was next me for lunch in the Bonnhome hut. He said that he walked backwards from the his local Switzerland. It seemed that he said that I could still enjoy the mountains in the future that I’ll also be a senior.

The busy group tour team in Australia spoke to me with an aid that saw myself walking solo and saying “I can not come alone by myself!”

The  Slovenian who had finished the trail race “UTMB” of the 1 lap of TMB was walking another round because he wanted to see the scenery of the place which ran through in the night time. There are many iron people in the world.

Besides this, there were Japanese old married couple who walked half round each summer over the summer. If it is not enough physical strength or vacation period it is good to separate it into short sections.

There was a Swiss doctor ‘s couple enjoying week – end night – stay from local Geneva.

Russian silent youth went outside alone in an early morning Bonatti hut and was drinking coffee and watching the morning glow of Mont Blanc.

Everyone enjoys Tour du Mont Blanc with a variety of ideas.

How about a solo trip?

If you are interested in TMB but not to find tours and accompanying people, before you give up, please consider going solo by all means. In the TMB, I think that hikers fascinated by TMB surely greet you warmly as we do.

And I hope you will enjoy the wonderful trails in a relaxing process.

Well, have a nice trip!

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