Tour du Mont Blanc Day3 Segne Pass · across the border/Mountain deep Italy · beautiful Veni valley

Tour du Mont Blanc trip, day3.

Today, from the French side to the Italian side, crossing the border on foot. It is the beginning of a mountainous and beautiful section. It is one of highlights of TMB.

Leave from Motte Hut

Early in the lively Motte hut with hikers leaving one after the other.


Commemorative photo with the owner of the hut.


Motte hut is in the valley. Mountain huts on TMB have a nice atmosphere everywhere.


I will climb quickly aiming at the Seigne Pass where the scenery in the morning is the most wonderful.




Commemorative photo with the Australian group’s guys. Every hiker basically goes around the same road in the direction so hikers can get to know each other. Listen to the way and go on encouragement.

20130903-tmb-day3-4 20130903-tmb-day3-9

The glacier is near now.


A refreshing mountain road in the morning.


Seigne Pass From France to Italy Crossing the border

I arrived at the France-Italy border, Seigne pass (Col de La Seigne)!


Border in the mountains with no lines.

20130903-tmb-day3-12 20130903-tmb-day3-11

There is no cloud, the weather is refreshing. The Mont Blanc massif from the Italian side is rough and rough.

「the view of “Mont Blanc” and the “Aiguille Noire” from Col de la Seigne is stunning, and is seen at its best early in the morning」(Guidebook:Tour of Mont Blanc Complete two-way trekking guide)


Enjoy the view for a while waiting for the departing Australian team. It is a nice point for individual trips to have free time at your favorite places.


Val Veni

I will go down from the Seigne Pass to the Veni Valley (Val Veni). Here is the beginning of a beautiful and magnificent valley that continues from Italy to the Swiss border.




I will waik a gentle descent feels comfortable with the wind.


I saw a lot of bicycles on TMB.

Lunch at Rifugio Elisabetta

Arrived at the Elisabetta hut built on top of the hill looking up from the main route signpost. I will have lunch here.



The glacier on the hut and the Italian flag flirting. This mountain hut is also an incredible location.

「Sunset views can be magical」(Guidebook:Tour of Mont Blanc Complete two-way trekking guide)

The guide book Said “hikers can see a magical sunset”. The facilities looked good, so I’d love to stay this hut by all means when coming next time.


Lunch at the balcony with a nice view.


A dish with boiled meat (stag or something) like stew on the polenta (cooked with corn flour). I orderd it with the red wine. There are mountain huts on the Tour de Mont Blanc just about half a day ‘s journey so it’ s nice to enjoy the delicious meal of the mountain huts and alcohol in lunch.


Two members of a hike from Luxembourg, we shared a table. They say they are walking in a counterclockwise direction from Courmayeur. I first met  Luxembourg men .


I saw hiker walking with the dog too. European hikers enjoy leisurely. It is different from Japanease severe mountaineers .

Combal Marsh


From the Elisabetta hut, look at Combal wetlands that will pass from now. it’s beautiful. I can be thought I do not want to move anymore from the scenery.


I’m reluctant to leave, but go on ahead. Flowers are also beautiful.




Beyond the Combal wetland and the cool Combal lake, go ahead. I aim at today’s mountain hut while looking at the beautiful valley made by the glacier.



The place which is not in guide book is also a series of wonderful scenery that forget the tiredness on day3 of trekking!

Today’s inn: Rifugio Maison Vieille

While taking photos, relaxedly moved the ridge and arrived at Maison Vieille, this is today’s inn.


Nice view from the garden. In the winter season here seems to be a sloping place.



Today I arrived at the mountain hut with plenty of time, so I drunk a beer while I wait for dinner. Moment of bliss after trekking.



The starting day of my trekking just was the goal day of the Trail running race UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) of the TMB. This mountain hut was one of resting places, I feel atmosphere after the festival of the runners. That is a big race in which the world’s trail runners admire. However, I think that running through such a beautiful scenery road is a bit wasteful.

Lively dining room.


Style that serve from the plate from table. We talked with everyone on the same table and share the red wine of the bottle. Simple tomato pasta is delicious. Truly Italy!


The blue best man is the brave man of Slovenia who has finished UTMB. (It was the best which could be presented for only the finisher!)  He wants to enjoy the scenery when daytime and walking another round. It is tough.

Meat and dessert followed and the meal of this day was also very satisfied.

20130903-tmb-day3-41 20130903-tmb-day3-42

Tour du Mont Blanc, the day3 is over.

[Today’s memo]

It is fun to interact with a hikers at a mountain hut.

The 3rd  day course

The day4, I passed through the city of Courmayeur. It was sunny and I could walk in the best landscape.

The day2 was the biggest difficulty – cross the Bonhomme Pass. I was glad that the calm weather was fine.

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