Grand Circle trip Day2 Zion National Park 360 degree fear and superb view from Angel’s Landing

Grand Circle travelogue, day 2. We tried a super-famous trail course of Zion National Park with The Narrows yesterday, it’s “Angel’s Landing”. A place is named “angel descends”, but it is a harsh road overflowing, like a switch-back or sudden climb of a chain trust.20160725-gc-day2a-33

Began action with dawn

Dawn of Springdale in the city center. I am going straight for breakfast and going to the trail. During this season, when the maximum temperature is close to 40 degrees, we’ll hike in the cooler hours of early morning or evening, and we decided to take a break or long drive during the day when it’s too hot.


Commemorative photo taken with the signboard of Zion National Park. Irregular brick is good.


Zion NP, Utah

Shuttle station in the park. An early morning hiker was already making a queue.


Zion NP, The Watchman, Utah

While watching the rocky mountain in the morning sun from the bus, head to the trail starting point.20160725-gc-day2a-4

Zion NP, Utah


Zion NP, Utah

Depart for Angel’s Landing

The tip of this independent peak is the destination “Angel’s Landing”.


It is a sharp rocky mountain. It looks rugged ,,,


Angel’s Landing, Zion NP

Switch back at the beginning.  As I remember, this part was still gentle.


Angel’s Landing, Zion NP

Morning of Zion Canyon.


Angel’s Landing, Zion NP

A strange pattern of the rock. Is it wind erosion?

Angel's Landing, Zion NP

Angel’s Landing, Zion NP

Switchback and String

We will climb this switchback in a stroke.

Angel's Landing, switchbacks

Angel’s Landing, switchbacks


Angel’s Landing, switchbacks

At the end of the switchback, go to the ridge and take a break at the place where visibility has opened.20160725-gc-day2a-16


From here it is a steep climb by stroking the chain.


Surprisingly it was a thin mountain from the side.20160725-gc-day2a-18

This is the situation at the foot ,,,,. scared,,,.


This is a trail to Angel’s Landing ,,, It is completely like a rock climbing.



Ho, Yeah, we will proceed like Donkey Kong.


The layer of the rock that has been cut off by the chain is beautiful.


Angel ‘s chair and white throne

Finally climbed and arrived at Angel’s Landing! The front quay is the world’s largest single rock, Great White Throne. It is a style deserving the name of “throne”.


Landscape overlooking the Zion Canyon from Angel’s Landing. It is refreshing as the wind passes through the canyon.20160725-gc-day2a-29

The feet are too scary ,,,


Angel’s Landing 360 ° picture

Angel’s Landing 360 ° picture. The scenery in all directions.

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

My wife who does not move at all to this height ,,,,,.


Frightened me. The depths of the canyon of this picture was The Narrows which we walked yesterday.



The rocky mountain in the vicinity is also very powerful.


On the way home from the top. ,,,, the road, is not it ,,, yeah


The sun has risen totally, it has turned into a burning hell. There are many hikers who climb up this time, but climbing in the daytime is too harsh, I think.


A path like a snake.



We survived from Angel’s Landing. The looks changes according to the condition of the sun light.


This concludes Zion National Park. We will aim for the next destination · Bryce Canyon.


From Zion to Bryce Canyon

On the way to Bryce Canyon, stop by the Checkerboard mesa. The pattern like a square eye is distinctive.


It is about two hours from Zion to Bryce Canyon.


Arrived at Bryce Canyon Village. It is cool because there is high altitude around here.


As it seemed to rain, we decided to enter the inn early, to take a break & wash.


We stayed at  Ruby’s INN . It is a heavy looks building motel. As it is close to the gate of Bryce Canyon National Park, it is convenient for enjoying the scenery and hiking in the morning and the evening.


Lots of heads ,,,,


We easily had a meal with pizza and fried food.


Bryce Canyon evening scenery

After meal, the sunset is out! Rush into the  Bryce Canyon NP in a hurry!


It takes a few minutes by car to get to the park from the hotel. The setting sun has almost sunk but the canyon is dyed pink and beautiful.


Among the several viewpoints, watching sunset at Inspiration Point which can see the whole of Canyon.


There are countless rocks of strange spire.



We will get up early tomorrow and see the sunrise!

Today’s memo

Climbing the Angel’s Landing during the summer day is pretty tough ,,,. Let’s leave early in the morning and climb while it’s still cool.

Accommodation information etc.

It is convenient to stay at Bryce Canyon Village, which is close to the park gate a few minutes by car, when you enjoy the sunset and the time zone of the morning sun when the Bryce Canyon dramatically changes its scenery. We stayed at an inn called Ruby’s INN .

Also in the village is Bryce view Lodge .

Moreover, if you can take the reservation, stay at The Lodge at Bryce Canyon in the park, you can enjoy watching sunset while drinking! It is the best for sightseeing of Bryce Canyon.

For more information on other inns, campgrounds etc> Check out TripAdvisor!

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